Mobile App Rapid Prototyping Brochure from Propelics

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Mobile App Rapid Prototyping Audience

The Mobile App Rapid Prototyping kickstart can help you if:

  • You have a great smartphone or iPad App idea and you want to get it going
  • You need help visualizing the design of the App concept
  • You want to get others on the same page with the vision for the App
  • You need a storyboard and plan
  • You need to create a budget for the App creation

Our one week rapid prototyping was built to quickly move your idea from the napkin to a working prototype. Combining visualization techniques, rapid application development, and technical constraint discussions, the Propelics team moves quickly to bring your smartphone or tablet App idea to life.


Mobile App Rapid Prototyping Process

Propelics Enterprise App Visualization Process

1 Innovation Drivers:
Our approach starts with understanding the app idea. This understanding is based both on an analysis of the business problems as well as a high-level qualification of the potential opportunity. At the conclusion of this step, the scope of the app and the associated business scenario is clearly understood.
2 App Concept:
With the focus area defined, the app concept is further analyzed through the use of interaction diagrams and high level screen flows of the app. This starts the process of conceptualizing the user interaction.
3 Mockups and Storyboard:
We believe that the sooner we can get to a prototype of the app, the easier it is to start defining the details of the user experience and the technical requirements. Concept visualization starts with the creation of wireframes and mockups of the app screens. Our Storyboard Producers start to assemble the mockup screens into a functional storyboard that can be deployed on the mobile device immediately as a prototype. This prototype is created in our toolset and can be deployed on multiple iPads without the need for any significant infrastructure.
4 Technical Constraints:
In this step we define a high level technical architecture for the app. The architecture takes into account architecture standards, mobility considerations, as well as infrastructure and deployment considerations.
5 App Build Planning:
The process concludes with the development of a plan (including cost, resources, and timelines) for building and deploying the app. In order to retain the momentum created during the visualization phase, the decision criteria and approval process for the next steps is also defined.

Mobile App Rapid Prototyping Outcome

iPad App Prototype Mockups
At the end of the 1-week workshop, you will be in a position to move forward with developing your mobile application.

Some of the artifacts you will receive at the culmination of the week include:

  • Business Context Document including:
    • Business Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities
    • Business Model
  • Scenario Document - Interaction Diagrams
  • Mockups and Prototype (iPad Storyboard)
  • High Level Technical Architecture
  • Cost Estimate and Timeline
  • Executive Readout Presentation

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