Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart Brochure from Propelics

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Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart Overview

This kickstart is perfect for organizations looking to ensure the long-term success of their mobile strategies and Applications. It’s built to help you create and define the building blocks of a successful Center of Excellence for Mobile.

During the kickstart, Propelics Mobile Strategists will work with your team to understand your current state readiness, build a vision for the Mobile Center of Excellence within your organization, and define the requirements for standing up a Mobile COE. Beyond just the components of a Center of Excellence, the Propelics team creates a realistic roadmap for COE creation based on the people, process, and technology maturity within your business.

In addition, we work with many companies that have multiple internal successful COEs. This kickstart is still extremely valuable to these organizations by helping define the necessary mobile components of the COE as well as determining the short and long term role of the Mobile COE. In many instances, the structure, components, and "reach" of a Mobile COE is quite different than other COEs within an organization.

The following diagram shows the components that Propelics feels should be a necessary part of a successful Mobile Center of Excellence. Each of these components is defined in the Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart process - both defining the future state of each area as well as understanding the steps required to reach these objectives.

Mobile Center of Excellence Components from Propelics

Each step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and has a set of well defined activities associated with it. However, we take into account the unique needs of each situation to tailor this methodology for each engagement.

Mobile Center of Excellence Planning

This Kickstart is the first part in the creation of a steady-state Center of Excellence for medium size and large organizations:

Stages of Mobile Center of Excellence

The remaining stages can be performed by your team after the kickstart, or with Propelics assistance. Our assistance could be as a "repository" - providing our repository of mobile best practices and information on standards, tools a templates. As a "coach" - with Propelics acting as a competency center to provide mobile expertise and some oversight for your organization. Or as a "COE Manager" - allowing Propelics to concentrate on mobile governance responsibilities and possibly the direct management of mobile projects.

Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart Process

Propelics Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart Steps
The Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart is made up of 5 steps:



Direction Setting and Scope Definition

This is the first step of the process and this is where understanding of the goals of the organization are established. A Center of Excellence is more than the standardization of process and tools - it’s a centralized location to ensure each mobile initiative is delivering towards the larger objectives of the business. In step 1, the team defines the scope of the Mobile Center of Excellence appropriate for your business.



Current State Maturity Assessment

In our experience, most COEs fail due to unrealistic expectations. These are not “ivory towers” of process or tools - these are working teams coordinating efforts across business lines to bring about change. The Propelics approach is to understand the current maturity of the supporting processes to the COE, and ensure COE success by prioritizing initiatives based on these maturity levels. The Propelics teams looks at the maturity across the following dimensions: mobile strategy definition, enterprise information management, IT delivery & support, policy definition, mobile project governance, UX standards, App architecture, mobile App development platform, mobile device management platform, and mobile SDLC processes.



Center of Excellence Vision, Objectives, and Structure

Part 3 of the workshop is to define the to-be state of the Center of Excellence. Based on the understanding of COE scope and the current maturity of COE supporting groups and processes, the team works to define the vision (what we want to become) and mission (what we do) for the envisioned state of the center. In this section, the team will define the short and long term goals and objectives, identify critical success factors, and determine the optimal COE structure to support the mission.



Define Center of Excellence Requirements Roadmap

After determining the future state of the COE, the largest step of this workshop is to determine the steps needed to get there. Step 4 outlines the people, process, and technology tactics needed to build a successful COE. These tactics are organized into our Tactical COE Roadmap matrix - a tool used to identify, prioritize, and phase needs for COE creation.



Design Plan and Next Steps

The Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart concludes with the generation of a timeline to support the COE launch. The team works to assign timeline and resources to the requirements roadmap, identifies quick wins, identifies dependencies, and provides an overall plan for design, pilot, and COE launch. Finally, the team delivers the overall timeline, resources, and costs for next steps in the form of an Executive Readout.

Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart Outcome

Propelics Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart Deliverables
At the end of the Mobile Center of Excellence kickstart, your team will be armed with a robust plan to build a world-class Mobile COE.

Some of the artifacts you will receive at the culmination of the kickstart include:

  • Mobile COE Business Drivers
  • Maturity Assessment (Current State, Future State)
  • Mobile COE Mission, Vision, Objectives
  • Optimal COE Organization Structure
  • Mobile COE Tactical Roadmap
  • Mobile COE Timelines and Next Steps
  • Kickstart culminates with an Executive Readout Presentation summarizing Findings, Recommendations, Timelines, and Next Steps

A well structured and delivered Mobile Center of Excellence (regardless of size) is the cornerstone of any mobile strategy. Use the form on the left to speak with us and hear more about this offer and how Propelics has helped similar companies as yours.