Our perspectives are based on our experiences as advisers to leadership teams (CEO, IT, Marketing, Sales, Operations) and helping their companies adopt and thrive with the trends associated with new technology, and our long and successful track record of success in the enterprise space. Our differentiators? Our experience in taking a trend or technology and making it real for businesses - separating the hype from true business benefit.

In other words, not only do we have a perspective that we like to share and evangelize, but we also like to make our ideas come alive and take solid shape by helping our clients implement them.

Components of a Successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy

The conversations we have with our prospects and clients are very similar in profile: They're feeling pressure from Executives, they have business teams that have identified use cases for their employees, partners, distributors, or customers, and they have IT teams that are trying to get their arms around these use cases and build some controls before they spiral out of control. Within IT organizations, we see small teams being deployed to "solve the mobile challenge" - a mix of enterprise architecture, security, and business liaisons. These teams have the incredible burden of building a mobile strategy that will satisfy the business needs, solve the BYOD conundrum, and still allow IT to maintain control and ownership of vital company data assets.

An Enterprise Mobile Strategy needs to look at these facets, not only for the challenges today, but also with a vision for mobile usage in the future. If your current thinking of mobile strategy is purely about building Apps, it may be time to take a step back and think about the larger picture of enterprise applications and processes and understand where developing for mobile can take complexity and process out of the business vs. just extending these processes to another device.

The image below outlines the components we feel are required in a successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy.

Components of Enterprise Mobile Strategy
Each of the components illustrated above plays a vital role in the creation of a successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy. Read more about these components and our approach to Enterprise Mobile Strategy.

Top 10 Considerations for Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Ensuring that your Enterprise Mobile Strategy includes the right components and discussion topics is one thing, but the team responsible for implementing this strategy will be faced with tough decisions. Organizations are "living bodies", with a lot of personal aspirations, politics, and history thrown into the mix that can derail the best intended strategies. The enterprise mobile strategy work that Propelics has delivered includes a set of principles or considerations to help guide the team in making the right strategic decisions.

We call these the "Top 10 Considerations for Enterprise Mobile Strategy". They are:


7. Use Visualization to Drive Innovation
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8. Incorporate Ideas From Other Industries
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9. Simple Apps for the Complex Enterprise
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10. UX Can't be an Afterthought
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These considerations, combined with a structured methodology and process, have helped us create sustainable and profitable mobile strategies that separate the hype from reality, and ensure that each project is on a path towards a future vision for a mobile enterprise.

We'll be releasing additional considerations from our Top 10 Considerations for Enterprise Mobile Strategy in the coming weeks. Sign up using the form on the left and we’ll alert you as they are released.

Our View

Companies are putting effort and money into meetings about "mobile"; mobile technology discussions, mobile app development platform tools, mobile app development, mobile device management, etc. Many of these firms are working feverishly towards fixing a pain - but in many cases, they are rushing to fix a short term problem, not thinking about the long term.

90% of Fortune 1000 CIOs will develop Apps in the next 12 months

However, given the fundamental shift in customer and employee interaction, are you going to extend your current methods of interaction to these mobile devices? Or are you going to use mobile devices to improve how you communicate with your important constituents?

The former is easy, there are tons of solutions today to extend current ERP, CRM, or document management tools to your employees. The later will be the challenge that separates organizations over the next decade.

We feel that successful mobile device usage with your customers, employees, partners, and distributors will be the key differentiator between you and your competition over the next decade.

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