Webinar: 2013 Budget Planning for Mobile

Download the slides from this presentation:

Are you in the process of creating or finalizing your 2013 budget planning for mobile? If so, you, like most of our customers are struggling with what to include for your mobile initiatives for next year. Join Larry Lauvray, co-Founder of Propelics and Head of Project Delivery on our recent webinar as we help you tackle the budget cycle.


  • Trends in mobile budgets for 2013
  • Individual line items to include in your mobile budget (like app development, MDM / Mobile App Platform software, device procurement and telecom expense management, mobile help desk support, as well as many more…)
  • What to include as a capital expense vs. an operational expense
  • How to build an accurate and defensible budget for mobile for FY2013


Larry Lauvray, Propelics Partner.
Larry has the unique ability to translate product plans into industrial grade solutions while making sure that the details don’t get “lost in translation”. He has used his exceptional analytical abilities to separate hype from reality as he advises companies on execution plans for their product and program roadmaps.