Enterprise Mobile Strategy Audience

The Enterprise Mobile Strategy service is ideal for companies that are looking for a way to address mobile related issues in a comprehensive yet rapid fashion.

Whether you are an early adopter of mobile devices or just starting to embrace mobile use cases in your business, adopting mobile technologies in the enterprise presents many challenges. Our Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services are designed to help you navigate your way through these challenges.

These services are designed specifically with mobile in mind and are uniquely different than traditional IT or business strategy services that have been available in the marketplace. We can take you from understanding the challenge to an actionable plan in the span of just a few days. We create actionable roadmaps rather than reports that sit on a shelf. Fast paced innovation is critical with mobile related strategies.

Enterprise Mobile Strategy Components

Propelics Components to Enterprise Mobile Strategy
Our Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services is made up of components. These components target different technology or business challenges in building out a successful and actionable strategy for mobile usage in the Enterprise. We also can wrap these components together to create a end-to-end Enterprise Mobile Strategy for our customers.

Our Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services include:

  • Enterprise mobile strategy definition
  • Mobile App roadmap creation
  • Determining IT readiness for mobile, and
  • Defining MDM / BYOD strategy

A few of these services are captured in our Kickstart offers. These Kickstarts are designed to be 1 to 2 week projects built around getting your initiatives up and running quickly. They're a great starting point for your initiative! Read more about our Enterprise Mobile Strategy related Kickstarts:


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