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Our History

Propelics founders, Adam, Eric, Larry, and Shahab, have been immersed in enterprise tech since the early 90’s. Over twenty years have passed since they first explored process and functionality redesign, built desktop app prototypes to understand new processes, and discovered the benefits of a fixed-time & price engagement model.

Their journey into enterprise mobile was forged over decades spent pioneering transformational changes in how large businesses use data—first in the migration from mainframe terminals to 3-tiered distributed client systems, followed by ultra- light interfaces and an emphasis on user-experience. Next with building distributed workforces—CRM systems that connect remote sales and field-service teams. And finally constructing data warehousing, ODS, and SOA strategies to ensure sensitive data always made it to the right people.

Having worked exhaustively with complex enterprise processes gave the founders an appreciation for all that mobile could accomplish in the same space. In 2011, they founded Propelics and used this expertise to re-define Mobile Strategy. The world of Enterprise Mobility would never be the same.

Their mission: to consistently achieve what no other company could even dream of: brief, fixed-price engagements, at the conclusion of which the client would be equipped with a Mobile Strategy or Mobile Center of Excellence, along with the Mobile App itself—complete with wireframes, design, and a working, on-device prototype.

Today Propelics is a rare breed: a solid leader in the still-young business of Enterprise Mobility; trusted by the world’s largest brands. We established the Emerging Technology Council as a way to welcome newcomers to the community and feel honored at having the opportunity to form long-lasting global partnerships. In addition, the team has created a development capability worthy of our strategic guidance—including app delivery, mobile testing and support desk, as well as ready-built SaaS products to shorten our clients’ time-to-market in delivery enterprise mobile solutions to their employees & partners.

Nothing makes us happier than knowing our work is so highly regarded around the world.

Our Calling

We’re on a mobile mission.

Propelics’ mission is to help you simplify, invigorate and reimagine your business processes, systems and data to enable more engaging and productive mobile interactions with employees, partners and customers.

We deliver success.

Propelics future-proofs companies against an ever-evolving technology. Our advisors cut through the minutia and market hype to create value and drive growth. We don’t just mobilize processes, we transform them to help you get ahead–and stay ahead–of the competition.

We’re a mobile hit factory.

Today’s mobile ecosystem demands a new way of thinking. From automating manual tasks to reinventing customer engagement, we help boost productivity, increase employee satisfaction, and delight customers and partners with game-changing mobile apps.

Where We Work

Although our focus is in delivering Enterprise Mobile Strategy and App Delivery services in North America, our work has taken us across the globe. Read more about the clients we work for and the value we bring.

Our Leadership Team

Adam Bookman, Partner

Adam Bookman

Adam is the brains behind many new mobile programs and app launches. He advises companies on strategies that enable business growth and IT innovation. A savvy marketer with the ability to capitalize on new trends, Adam helps companies make the most of new channels to connect with and capture their target market.

Eric Carlson, Partner

Eric Carlson

Eric Carlson is a seasoned leader with a keen eye for emerging technologies. He is highly respected in technical and business circles for his ability to match technological "geekiness" with business know-how to achieve unique solutions. Having guided startups through successful exits, Eric has the experience to advise clients on the discipline and objective approaches needed to turn ideas into reality.

Shahab Choudhry, Partner

Shahab Choudhry

Shahab is a visionary thought-leader and a builder of successful companies who has shed light on technology shifts of the last two decades. He advises startups, early stage companies, and Fortune 500 companies in making the most of these shifts and is currently focused on new products and platforms for the enterprise. His track record includes successful IPOs, startups, and acquisitions.

Larry Lauvray, Partner

Larry Lauvray

Larry turns back-of-the-napkin ideas into world-class solutions. He advises companies on execution plans for product and program roadmaps while ensuring the details don't get lost in translation. Larry uses his exceptional analytical abilities to separate hype from reality, and has been involved in countless leadership roles—both as a consumer and a provider of services—giving him the unique perspective of having had a "real" job.