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Blockchain with former Bitcoin Armory Engineer, Andy Ofiesh

Steven Brykman | May 30, 2017 | Device Squad


This week on Device Squad, the Podcast for the Mobile Enterprise, you’ll finally understand what the deal is with Blockchain and Bitcoin once you listen to this interview with Andy Ofiesh, comedian and former Software Engineer at Bitcoin Armory (his brother’s company). 

We discuss how Bitcoin utilizes Blockchain as a distributed ledger to provide a trustable peer-to-peer currency that requires no central authority. Further, Andy explains the Byzantine General’s Problem, what “hashing” is all about, how Bitcoin was created and by whom, how Bitcoin’s value is determined, and how new Bitcoin are generated. 

Plus, we discuss why Blockchain is such a hot enterprise buzzword these days. Does it really offers any utility outside of Bitcoin or is it just a big ol’ bandwagon everyone’s trying to jump upon? Tune in and find out!

Links in the episode:

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Don Tapscott Ted Talk on Blockchain

Blockchain 101 – A visual Demo

Blockchain in Healthcare by Ted Tanner

Why Blockchain is Going to Disrupt Customer Retention & CRM

Maersk And IBM Are Bringing Blockchain To The Global Shipping Industry



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