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One Very, Very Fun & Informative Talk with Lisa Handalian, Uber Sr. Design Researcher

Steven Brykman | February 27, 2017 | Device Squad In the News

In this episode of Device Squad, the podcast for the Mobile Enterprise from Propelics, Steve discusses UX Design Research Strategies and methods with his old friend, Lisa Renery Handalian, Sr. Design Researcher at Uber.

We discuss Testing Strategies, User Research vs. Design Research, the benefits of Uber’s internal Day in the Life program, and Lisa’s particular focus: driver ratings and compliments. Further, we get into the very cool concept of Strategic Ethnography as Lisa recounts her experiences at Ancestry and Bank of America and how Research Strategies there differed from those at Uber. Also, Steven has a bad cold.

What other juicy tidbits did we get into? Tune in and find out!

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Steven Brykman

Steven is a Digital Strategist and UX Architect with Propelics, an Anexinet company, focusing on Mobile Products with a diverse background in writing and literature. He spent much of the last decade as Creative Technologist/Lead Strategist of his own design company, helping Fortune 500 companies define the direction of their digital campaigns, websites and mobile applications. Additionally, he co-founded Apperian, a Boston-based mobile technology startup.

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