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Digital Accessibility Principles with AudioEye CTO, Sean Bradley

Steven Brykman | October 2, 2018 | Device Squad In the News


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Today on Device Squad, the podcast for the mobile enterprise from Propelics, Steve speaks with Sean Bradley Co-Founder & CTO at AudioEye about how AudioEye enhances the user experience to help make digital content more accessible for those with disabilities.

This episode answers the following questions, and many more:

  • What is accessibility and what are its principles?
  • When did accessibility first become recognized as a need to be addressed?
  • What were some of the early attempts at accessibility like?
  • What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?
  • What disabilities does accessibility accommodate?
  • Are there established UI/UX rules around accessibility and what are they?
  • What are the compliance requirements?
  • How do Apple’s accessibility features compare to Windows? Are they the same?
  • Who is required to meet these requirements?
  • What are the top accessibility tools available?
  • What are the web content accessibility guidelines?
  • How does Accessibility testing work?
  • What is AudioEye’s mission?
  • What is the AudioEye Digital Accessibility Platform?
  • What does being Certified by AudioEye mean?
  • What is AudioEye looking at in the future?

Links in the episode:
W3C Accessibility Standards Overview

Web Accessibility Initiative

American Foundation for the Blind: Screen Readers

Freedom Scientific: Job Access With Speech (JAWS)- The world’s most popular windows screen reader

Steven Brykman

Steven is a Digital Strategist and UX Architect with Propelics, an Anexinet company, focusing on Mobile Products with a diverse background in writing and literature. He spent much of the last decade as Creative Technologist/Lead Strategist of his own design company, helping Fortune 500 companies define the direction of their digital campaigns, websites and mobile applications. Additionally, he co-founded Apperian, a Boston-based mobile technology startup.

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