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AI & Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Steven Brykman | April 25, 2018 | Device Squad In the News


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Today on Device Squad, the podcast for the mobile enterprise from Propelics, Steve speaks with fellow Sr. Strategist James Hoshor and Michael Golub, Machine Learning Task Force Head at Anexinet about the state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in the enterprise.

This episode covers the following topics:

  • The evolution of AI from personal to professional use
  • Current top players in AI & Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning basics 
  • The problem of bias
  • Enterprise AI adoption in 2018
  • AI & Machine Learning enterprise use cases 
  • Deriving maximum enterprise value from AI
  • Potential hurdles of implementing AI/Machine Learning

Steven Brykman

Steven is a Digital Strategist and UX Architect with Propelics, an Anexinet company, focusing on Mobile Products with a diverse background in writing and literature. He spent much of the last decade as Creative Technologist/Lead Strategist of his own design company, helping Fortune 500 companies define the direction of their digital campaigns, websites and mobile applications. Additionally, he co-founded Apperian, a Boston-based mobile technology startup.

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