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Enterprise Mobile News of the Week: 11/1/17

Glenn Gruber | November 1, 2017 | In the News Mobile Strategy

Even on slow news weeks like this one, there’s usually something interesting in the world of enterprise mobile news that comes our way and we’d like to share it with you ICYMI.

  1. Speech Recognition Is Not Solved: We’ve come a long way in speech recognition, but claims of human-level accuracy are overstated by using a really old measure of success. Great article detailing where we really stand. For more on language processing and neural networks, including tackling the “cocktail party problem,” check out this episode of Device Squad with John Hershey, MERL Sr. Principal Research Scientist.
  2. Docker gets pragmatic, embraces Kubernetes. Once (and perhaps still) the clear leader in containerization, Docker sorta capitulates to Kubernetes–already the favorite son at Google–as the default container orchestration framework, putting it on par with their own Docker Swarm product. Good analysis as usual from Redmonk’s James Governor. In related news, Microsoft Azure jumped on the Kubernetes platform so hard, they changed the acronym for their Azure Container Services to AKS to embrace Kubernetes.
  3. Target adds AR shopping to its mobile website. Another sign of the mainstreaming of augmented reality. And if you want to learn a little more about the state of AR, listen to Steve, Spurti and me on the latest episode of the Device Squad podcast.
  4. GE goes with Apple: Not the Transformation you were looking for, Satya? GE and its 330,000 employees are standardizing on iPhones, iPads and increasingly Macs. The iPad Pro and the specific improvements to the iPad experience that iOS 11 brings may have been a big factor.
  5. Pixel Visual Core: image processing and machine learning on Pixel 2. Google takes a page out of the Apple playbook by highlighting the value of tightly integrated hardware and software–and the role of custom silicon–in using on-device machine learning to make major strides in what’s capable on a smartphone, in this case better image processing on their new Pixel 2 phones.

Glenn Gruber

Glenn Gruber is a Sr. Mobile Strategist at Propelics. He leads enterprise mobile strategy engagements to help companies determine the best way to integrate mobile into their business -- both from a consumer-facing perspective, but also how to leverage mobile to empower employees to be more productive and improve service delivery through the intelligent use of mobile devices and contextual intelligence. Glenn has helped a wide range of enterprises on how to leverage mobile within their business including Bank of Montreal, Dubai Airports, Carnival Cruise Line and Merck. He is a leading voice in the travel sector as a contributing Node to Tnooz where he writes about how mobile and other emerging technologies are impacting the travel sector and a frequent speaker at industry events.

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