Apple Outlines new iCloud Pricing Strategy

Eric Carlson | August 2, 2011 | Mobile Strategy

From Jim Dariymple:

According to Apple, three storage plans are available: 10GB will cost $20 per year; 20GB will cost $40 per year; and 50GB will cost $100 per year.

This is on top of the default 5GB per iTunes account. Pretty agressive iCloud pricing for device sync and use. Of course, iTunes related purchases do not count against this quota. I expect to see enterprise related plans in the next few months as app developers for the Enterprise (like us) begin to utilize iCloud as a storage/sync solution between devices.

Of course, this isn’t a replacement for the corporate cloud, and we’re not expecting to use iCloud for the storage and use of corporate assets. However, for device setting synchronization, application updates, and other non-business data items, we’re looking to see how we can use iCloud as a solution.

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