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Live @ AI World Conference & Expo – Boston

Steven Brykman | May 23, 2018 | Device Squad In the News


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Today’s Device Squad, the podcast for the mobile enterprise from Propelics, comes to you live from the AI World Conference & Expo in Boston ( where the word of the day is Data Labeling. Join Steve on his quest to figure out why companies need to create their own discrete labelled data set rather than everyone working towards creating a single, universal labelled data set that encompasses all knowledge. Plus, learn all about the Achilles heel of Machine Learning (i.e. the time and effort of finding the data to label), find out about Cognitive Computing and Knowledge Engineering, learn how AI is giving tech jobs to the poor, and much more.

This episode features interviews with the following leaders in AI and Machine Learning:

IBM Power9

IBM Watson

Data Robot (Dow Jones) – “democratizes predictive analytics” – Machine learning data analytics and predictive modeling (using the customer’s data)

Lux Research

iMerit – “AI-Enabled Services” – Human-Empowered Computing

Alpho the work bot???? – answers your business questions for you (we didn’t quite get this one)

Affectiva – in-app Emotion detection

Presagen – Human behavior Automation

UIPath – Robotic Process Automation – drag n drop workflow for computers (not robots)

Voice-base – Speech analytics for the Cloud

SFL Scientific – Professional Services Company – for Data Science & AI Solutions

Alegion – High volume data labelling and annotation, Crowdsourcing Automation for AI Training Data

Steven Brykman

Steven is a Digital Strategist and UX Architect with Propelics, an Anexinet company, focusing on Mobile Products with a diverse background in writing and literature. He spent much of the last decade as Creative Technologist/Lead Strategist of his own design company, helping Fortune 500 companies define the direction of their digital campaigns, websites and mobile applications. Additionally, he co-founded Apperian, a Boston-based mobile technology startup.

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