Kickstart: Emerging Technologies

Build contextually-intelligent mobile applications. Ensure proper IoT security. Leverage Augmented Reality for exciting, productive workplace experiences.

Your next-generation enterprise apps start here.

The Propelics Emerging Technologies Kickstart is a 3-week program designed to help business and IT leaders realize first-hand the near-term benefits of adopting cutting-edge technology by developing a working proof-of-concept app and an actionable plan to start delivering value for your organization.

Consumers and employees alike expect mobile devices to provide information at exactly the moment they need it. Today’s Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) platforms, device sensors, wearables, iBeacons and personalization engines make mobile even more “context-aware” — in some cases even anticipating a user’s needs. Going forward, contextual intelligence will be the standard by which all mobile apps are judged.


Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Wearables, iBeacons, and other new technologies are generating a ton of buzz these days. Everyone’s talking about the potential value of proximity-based services and interactions. The challenge is to convert interest into action: cut through the market-hype and complexity, choose the right technologies, and draft-up a plan to implement them in the field. Propelics has developed a tried and true methodology to help companies create an actionable roadmap to identify, develop, and implement new ideas.
During the Kickstart, we guide you through a phased process:
Building Contextually Intelligence apps

Benchmarking & Direction Setting

The first step focuses on gaining a clear understanding of your business direction. We identify your organization’s goals, business drivers, and current processes. Then we review any previous (or existing) mobile innovations, evaluate current app features and perform a thorough competitive analysis.


Ideation and Conceptualization

Through creative thinking, process visualization, and storytelling we identify possible use-cases for contextual intelligence that will positively impact revenue, productivity, customer satisfaction, and other business drivers.


Ranking & Prioritization

To separate real business and customer value from hype and minutia, we prioritize all scenarios and potential projects based on projected impact on key business drivers as well as on organizational readiness, implementation complexity, and technological constraints.


Technical Architecture

In order to develop an understanding for which data assets, systems, and technologies are necessary to realize our top ideas, next we explore the following questions: Are current IT systems and processes sufficient to provide adequate support? What security risks might be introduced by the technology? What level of effort would be required to put any missing elements in place? What dependencies on other teams or groups will be necessary?

Our approach also includes a comprehensive evaluation of Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), iBeacon or wearable technology—the hardware, software, data, and networks required for the solution plus any infrastructure, planning, and deployment considerations.


Proof of Concept

As the top-ranked scenarios emerge and the functionality for use-cases becomes clear, we address UX and visualization elements to create a functional Proof of Concept app that can be instantly deployed on any number of mobile devices and which demonstrates how the new technology will behave under real-world conditions.


Planning & Budgeting

Based on the scope of work identified in previous steps, here we outline the detailed approach and the plan for implementation. This plan outlines the cost estimates, timelines, and high-level work breakdown required to take the POC to the next step and begin building the real deal.

Not one size fits all!

Every step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and includes a well-defined set of exercises. We take into account our client’s unique needs and tailor this methodology to best accommodate each specific engagement.


At the end of this Kickstart, your team will be armed with a plan for implementing a revolutionary new technology. You’ll receive a final presentation that packages up these artifacts:


Through facilitated sessions across a wide range of business teams, Propelics explores all use-cases for emerging technologies like Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), iBeacons and wearables in a Scenario Matrix that helps establish viability and prioritizes functionality based on business value, ease of implementation, and organizational readiness.


Propelics defines the future state of your mobile application’s Technical Architecture and its integration with new technologies along with existing enterprise systems, ensuring its alignment with security, infrastructure, and deployment considerations.


Once use-case functionality for an emerging technology has been established, our design architects transform wireframes and screen mockups into a gorgeous, functional mobile (and wearable) POC app that feels just like the real thing and can be deployed immediately on mobile devices.


A detailed, phased project timeline means a smooth delivery and ensures all parties are on the same page. Our Budget & Implementation Plan highlights app development along with key alignment items, integration with emerging technologies, completion costs, and outstanding technical issues.

Ensure your team is ready to embrace the the latest emerging technologies in mobile computing. Contact us to find out more about this Kickstart.

Propelics played an instrumental role in bringing this tool to market. Propelics developed the app based upon a deep understanding of our business combined with their technology expertise. Express Finance is important to DLL because of what it means for our customers—added value at the point of sale and enhanced convenience of doing business with DLL through stronger e-Commerce capabilities. Propelics has been with us every step of the way to make this happen.”

Scott Phelps, VP Global eBusiness, DLL

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