Kickstart: Mobile UI/UX Design

Refine, update or extend your app’s UI/UX.

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Are OS updates killing your killer app? Time to update your UI/UX! The Mobile UI/UX Design Kickstart focuses on the crucial elements of app design and interaction. Working with our architects and designers we’ll craft a superior user experience and bring your smartphone or tablet app up to speed in as little as two weeks.


Whether you’re redesigning an existing app or looking to add new devices to your portfolio, our Mobile UI/UX Design Kickstart comes in a myriad of delicious flavors.


If you lack the designers to update your app’s feature-set, this Kickstart is for you. We’ll provide strategic direction to help create a focused user experience along with a phasing roadmap for rolling out future functionality. Then we’ll deliver a killer new UI design in-keeping with your brand’s existing look and feel.


Is your company suffering with outdated or buggy apps built years ago? So much has changed in mobile UI/UX design! This Kickstart will ensure your mobile apps are up-to-date and take advantage of the latest design and interaction modalities.


OS Systems

We provide cross-platform UI/UX redesign for companies looking to expand their app portfolio. Countless issues arise when porting designs to other platforms. Our deep experience means we always deliver an intuitive experience native to each device.


OS Systems

Despite how similar our devices seem, tablet interaction modalities are very different from those for smartphones. For this reason, we provide strategic UI/UX architecture, design and direction for clients looking to expand their portfolio and offer an intuitive experience appropriate for each device.


At the end of our Kickstart, you’ll be in a great position to move forward with developing your new, newly updated or redesigned mobile applications.
Mobile UIUX

Benchmarking & Requirements

We start by developing a thorough understanding of the app’s critical requirements. Then we analyze the mobile landscape to see what your competitors are up to (and determine how we can surpass them). Lastly, we explore user feedback to unearth innovative use-cases beyond the typical enterprise scenarios.


Interface & Experience Review

You’ll work together with our designers and architects to review your app’s existing functionality and discuss high-level strategies for approaching improvements and updates in accordance with the latest UI/UX guidelines and standards of practice.


Mockups and Storyboarding

This phase begins to address specifics of the re-envisioned UI/UX through interaction diagrams and high-level screen flows. As user scenarios and personas emerge and the functionality for use-cases becomes clear, our storyboard producers assemble wireframes and design mockup screens.

The Mobile UI/UX Design Kickstart will get your app off to a great start in a manner that provides clarity from inception to delivery. Designed to align with your intent to quickly create an app, our process has proven to save clients time in the long run.


Upon completion of this Kickstart you’ll take away the following artifacts:


Our Strategy Deck covers all aspects of mobile design & architecture: company objectives, brand identity, competitive analysis, technical considerations, app functionality & interaction, distribution and future-phasing along with high-level screenshots to bring ideas to life early-on.


Think of wireframes as the architectural plans for your application, necessary to define the app’s layout and logic along with key elements of user experience, such as responsiveness and animation.


The User-Flow Diagram describes several user-personas and traces their app usage from launch to final task, ensuring the end-result is a logical, intuitive and fun mobile application.


Design Comps are your first look at the company’s new baby — static screen-by-screen images that accurately reflect final application colors and styles.


Style guides contain detailed information on every facet of the app design, making the transition to developers much smoother when you’re ready to go ahead and build the real thing.

One thing we learned through this process is that during this time of mobile explosion, it’s very difficult to take [a] process and overlay it on mobile exactly as it is,” says Mishra. “Propelics reminded us that…careful thought must be given to the user experience and design as well as simplicity of use.”

Subodh Mishra, Divisional VP, Family Dollar

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