Getting it Right with Proactive Support

Monica Avina | October 29, 2015 | Mobile App Development

Getting the right help when you need it can be difficult. When utilizing a new service one’s initial concerns are naturally around availability. Contacting Support is often a frustrating process—they may be back-logged with hundreds of inquiries, each one requiring considerable time and attention. At Propelics we are focused on continually innovating the support we provide your enterprise and are committed to delivering the best customer service imaginable.

To this end, we created a customized Help Portal clients may access at any time to generate a support request. Created in seconds, support requests are instantly registered in our tracking system automatically, enabling immediate review, client-contact, and resolution. Additionally, clients may update and follow-up on any existing requests.

In a world where much company support is passive, Propelics opts for innovation and change, pursuing a better approach that provides proactive Support by identifying and closely monitoring the availability and correct functionality of your mobile software. By monitoring your enterprise Web services we avoid major disasters—such as an outage—by alerting your IT that Services are down.

Further, we will proactively monitor your mobile software analytics and communicate user sessions, and app downloads, along with any geographic metrics. And so much more.

Regardless of the OS or browser your software supports, Propelics is well equipped to monitor its performance. We will even test your software on newly-released devices and upcoming beta OS releases so your IT can estimate the risks and perform the necessary preventive measures to ensure the best application product possible.

With Propelics your priorities are our priorities. That’s why we provide a dedicated support engineering team, ready to triage, investigate, and resolve your software problems.

We don’t limit our support solely to software developed by Propelics. We have the expertise and capabilities to onboard your ongoing projects as well. First, our technical architects will carefully review your code. Then our engineering support team will analyze every facet and function. Whether we’re talking about an app developed in-house or supporting a longstanding piece of legacy software, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always receive the same consistently high level of support.

In short, Propelics provides leading-edge technical software support to its clients worldwide. Our commitment is to always ensure you and your mobile apps receive the highest quality, best-practices support possible.

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” 
— Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

Ready to get close? Check out our robust Support offerings today. It’s a true Service Desk at the pace of mobile.

Monica Avina

Monica Avina is a Support Lead at Propelics. She has experience leading large groups of Support Engineers and delivering technical assistance for known brands in the Financial, Health Care, and IT services. Monica is ITIL Certified with over 6 years of experience leading IT support projects and organizing teams to achieve SLAs, OLAs and Company metrics. Monica is highly-schooled in the latest leadership techniques for empowering and motivating her team to succeed.

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