Webinar: Mobile In App Analytics: Why You Can’t Afford to Overlook

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Thousands of businesses are developing mobile apps without a plan for in-app analytics. Without these analytics, companies struggle to understand app usage and performance, which features work, and which do not, and where your users stumble. Without app analytics, it is difficult to measure the success of your app. It’s difficult to measure if you are meeting your business goals.

Even as web analytics have become commonplace, in the age of rapid mobile app development, mobile in-app analytics are often overlooked.

Do you have an app analytics plan for your mobile apps?

How are you going to measure user engagement and behavior?

Who should watch this webinar? Business and IT Professionals responsible for delivering enterprise mobile applications to their workforce and customers.

Watch Larry Lauvray, co-Founder of Propelics, and special guests Kirk Schmink, COO ofKeen IO, and Ashar Samdani, Mobile Technical Lead at TkXel, to hear more about strategy, the vendor landscape, and the implementation tactics associated with successful mobile in-app analytics. The webinar will cover what you should be measuring and when in your SDLC you need to start thinking about mobile analytics.

Watch this information packed webinar to learn:

  • Why you need mobile app analytics
  • How to get started with mobile app analytics
  • What analytics you should be tracking
  • The Mobile App Analytics vendor landscape
  • The privacy implications of mobile analytics tracking
  • Innovative use cases leading to better app quality and higher user satisfaction


Larry Lauvray, Propelics Partner.
Larry has the unique ability to translate product plans into industrial grade solutions while making sure that the details don’t get “lost in translation”. He has used his exceptional analytical abilities to separate hype from reality as he advises companies on execution plans for their product and program roadmaps.


Kirk Schmink, COO,Keen IO.
Kirk L. Schmink is the current COO and a strategic advisor at Keen IO. He works daily with customers to find the right mix of tools and solutions that will give the business the greatest and most actionable visibility into their applications. Kirk previously managed B2B units at Amazon and worked in a variety of management positions at the McMaster-Carr Supply Company. He has a bachelors degree from the University of Chicago.

Ashar Samdani, Director,TkXel.
Ashar is the founding member of TkXel, which is a leading technology company in mobile & social space. He is a mobile technology enthusiast and was the developer of one of the very initial iPhone games. He has sucessfully delivered products for start-ups & top brands like NBC Universal, Barclays & Saudi Government. With an ability to understand business & technology together, he helps brands to transition and succeed in mobile.