Mobile Device Management RFP Template

As a part of our IT Strategy for Mobile Kickstart offering, we help our clients in selecting the appropriate MDM or MAM vendor for their needs. A part of this process is the Request for Proposal (RFP) / Request for Information (RFI). We provide Mobile Device Management RFP template as a starting point for our clients, and we thought it would be beneficial to release this thinking on

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Mobile Device Management RFP Template

This MDM RFI is a great starting point for organizations that are struggling with the types of questions they should be asking MDM vendors related to device management, data privacy, device ownership, expense models, device monitoring and other device management challenges.

This Mobile Device Management RFP template has specific questions to help you weigh MDM vendors in the areas of:

  • MDM Platform Approach
  • Managing Device Capabilities
  • Security of Mobile Devices and Data
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Policy Creation and Governance
  • Service Management
  • And much more…

IT Strategy for Mobile Process

This document is a small sample deliverable from our IT Strategy for Mobile Kickstart. Following the creation and receipt of the RFPs, the team assists in the scoring and ranking of the vendor responses. To assist with this process, Propelics helps our customers build Mobile Device Management PUGH Matrixes to rank RFP responses and determine the best fit vendor for the specific requirements. The PUGH matrix, named for Stuart Pugh, is a weighted decision criteria matrix used to apply prioritization to specific requirements based on client need. This matrix is a key component of our MDM RFI process.

Read more about our IT Strategy for Mobile Kickstart where we help organizations move forward with their MDM program.

Some of the artifacts you will receive at the culmination MDM / BYOD Kickstart include:

  • Business Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • MDM Policy Document
  • PUGH Matrix including:
    • Required functionality to support policy
    • Vendor alignment to desired functionality
  • Vendor Short List
  • Cost Estimate and Timeline
  • Recommendations for Next Steps
  • Executive Readout Presentation

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