Webinar: How to Assess the ROI of your Mobile App Initiatives

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Whether you’re a business leader or an IT professional, ensuring that your mobile projects deliver a meaningful ROI is a priority for companies across the globe. In some cases, the focus on the ROI calculations can take longer and cost more than the actual mobile app creation. It’s time to assess the ROI of your mobile App initiatives.

The truth is this: you can avoid analysis paralysis with some simple steps.

Join Larry Lauvray, co-Founder of Propelics, as he discusses both the qualitative and quantitative return on your mobile investment, and how to get started with low risk and high-return initiatives.

Watch for this information packed webinar to learn:

  • Where to start and how to avoid analysis paralysis
  • What are the key dependencies and potential barriers to your mobile app
  • Critical privacy and security considerations
  • How does BYOD factor into your ROI
  • Case studies with both qualitative and quantitative examples


Larry Lauvray, Propelics Partner.
Larry has the unique ability to translate product plans into industrial grade solutions while making sure that the details don’t get “lost in translation”. He has used his exceptional analytical abilities to separate hype from reality as he advises companies on execution plans for their product and program roadmaps.