Webinar: Enterprise Mobile Trends and New Technologies for 2018

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As 2017 comes to a close, it’s time to look forward to 2018. The pace of technology continues to accelerate and—as business and technology leaders—we need to familiarize ourselves with those technologies that warrant introduction to the enterprise in the coming year.

In this webinar, Propelics Sr. Mobile Strategist Glenn Gruber discusses the current state of enterprise mobility and the key emerging technologies that should be on your radar—if not on your roadmap. Such technologies include IoT, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and the rise of conversational interfaces. Next, Axway’s Leor Brenman shares some real-world project insights around integrating these technologies into your enterprise mobile initiatives.

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Glenn Gruber ,
Propelics Sr. Mobile Strategist
Glenn helps enterprises across all industry verticals leverage mobile to streamline their business processes, including Bank of Montreal, Dubai Airports, Carnival Cruise Line and Merck. Glenn is also a leading voice in the travel sector and a frequent industry event speaker, detailing the current state of mobile and other emerging technologies.

Leor Brenman ,
Axway Sales Engineer
Leor Brenman is a Sales Engineer for the Appcelerator Product Line at Axway. Leor brings over 10 years of experience working in enterprise mobility for companies like Vaultus, Antenna, Appcelerator and Axway.