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Whitepaper: 10 Enterprise UX Lessons that Chess Teaches Us

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UI/UX Design

Chess is a game of pure strategy that (sadly) many avoid, assuming it is overly complex and intimidating, just as many would be over-whelmed by the thought of architecting a mobile app interface. Once you grasp the basics, however (how the pieces move, checking and mating), learning these additional techniques will dramatically improve your chess game as well as help elucidate, inform, and improve your Enterprise interface design decisions.

In chess, these simple, easy to follow rules will let you gain an advantage over your opponent every time. Similarly, following these principles of good UI design will help you create an intuitive interface for your company without fail.

Understand that no matter if we’re talking chess or digital interfaces, each of these tenets has one thing in common. They all involve the utilization of space. Also realize that with this met- aphor, “user” loosely translates to “opponent.” Only instead of check- mating their King, we’re simply trying to provide the most elegant, in- tuitive experience possible.

As a follow-up to our webinar on Enterprise Mobile App User Experience, Steven Brykman continues his series on Enterprise Mobile App UX and outlines 10 strategic components in Chess and relates these back to 10 User Experience and Interface guidelines to follow.

10 Enterprise UX Lessons

Download this whitepaper to read how to build intuitive and elegant Enterprise Mobile Apps. Including our approach on how to:

  • Learn the language
  • Always have a strategy
  • Know where your user is going
  • Fix the weakest elements first
  • Develop real estate
  • Get more room and create space
  • Double-up
  • Make it accessible
  • From one to many
  • Don’t give up!

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