White Paper: 3 Keys to Improving Mobile App Cost Estimation

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Just a few years ago it was safe to assume an app would cost about $50,000 to build. But many of those ideas were content-driven applications. Today’s Enterprise Mobile Apps are more complex. They tie-into big back-end systems and strive for loftier goals, like re-engineering core business processes. So when the business asks you, “How much to build that app?,” pat answers won’t cut it. Offering up a broad cost range will only make them doubt your ability to actually deliver. An accurate cost estimate, on the other hand, will facilitate budget approval and give folks the confidence to work with you—rather than around you.

In this information-packed white paper, we explain the 3 key Enterprise Mobile App cost factors:

1.  Defining the App
While you won’t need to define every app feature and function to build a good estimate, you need to at least understand the intent and key components of the idea. Who are the app’s target user, objectives, and primary usage scenarios? How complex is it? What business processes are we taking on, what systems do we need to connect back to and how will mobility impact the use cases?

2. App Development Cost Drivers
Here, we dive into the key levers that impact the cost of development and testing such as:

  • How many operating systems will be supported?
  • Will the app be native, hybrid or mobile web?
  • Which device capabilities are relevant?
  • What type of user login (authentication) is required?
  • How many enterprise systems will the app interact with?
  • Will the app be distributed publicly or privately?
  • Do you require ongoing support and maintenance?

Learn the differences (and cost impact) between apps that access, apps that improve and apps that transform!

3. Translating Cost Drivers into Estimates
We describe the differences between The Core (the cost to build the app on a single platform and for a single device) and The Common (activities required to support additional operating systems/devices, cost of testing and project management)

Finally, the white paper discusses “hidden costs” and risk mitigation and provides links to our new Enterprise App Cost Calculator so you can determine the cost to build your next Enterprise Mobile App in seconds.