White Paper: 9 Considerations for iPad Adoption

Latest estimates from Apple are that 92% of the Fortune 500 are testing or deploying the iPad. This is in only 18 months since the form factor was released. There is no doubt that the iPad is infiltrating the Enterprise. However, questions remain as to what percentage of the Fortune 500 have actually successfully adopted the iPad, rather than simply have some executives walking around with the office (and airports) with their tablets. And even deeper questions remain as to whether these Enterprises have found effective use cases for the iPad, scenarios that will drive operational efficiency or significantly impact revenue numbers.

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Whitepaper: 9 Considerations for Successful iPad Adoption

Although we help organizations focus on mobility as a whole, the iPad has always been a cornerstone example of mobility in the Enterprise.

Free Whitepaper Describing Key Factors for iPad Adoption

From this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How the iPad is Enabling the Enterprise: Move beyond the hype of iPad Adoption and understand methods of real iPad use and adoption in the enterprise.
  • Methods for Managing iPads: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Security, IT Governance and Policy – learn the important components of iPad adoption.
  • Considerations for App Development:Learn the importance of User Experience and Data Integration considerations in your iPad app development projects.

If you take into account the 9 considerations contained in this document, we believe you are on the way towards successful iPad adoption in your organization. It is important to remember that each consideration can not be examined in a vacuum. They are very interrelated and a decision in one area can, and probably will have a significant impact on actions in the others.

We hope you find this ebook helpful and look forward to your comments.