White Paper: Enterprise Mobile Application Development Best Practices

As consumer priorities shift from desktop to mobile, companies are rushing to build mobile apps that will better serve the needs of their employees and customers.

The market for enterprise mobility reached a global value of $173.9 billion in 2017. This massive explosion in the enterprise mobility space has lured companies into taking a “wild west” approach to mobile apps, taxing developers’ ability to meet the unrealistic time and budget constraints. In most occasions, we’ve found that these builds are not based on simple and known Enterprise Mobile Application Development Best Practices.

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Whitepaper: Enterprise Mobile App Development Best Practices

A recent Appcelerator survey reported 73 percent of enterprises have built fewer than five applications, and 39 percent have built one or none at all—statistics that exemplify the enterprise’s struggle to understand the mobile landscape.

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The intent of this white paper is threefold:

  • To empower organizations to take on enterprise mobile application development by helping them understand the unique challenges the mobile ecosystem presents
  • To introduce the basic—yet essential—elements that must be put in place prior to undertaking any mobile application development efforts
  • To thoroughly familiarize these organizations with a comprehensive overview of current mobile and tablet best practices.