White Paper: Gain Control of your Mobile Efforts with a Mobile Center of Excellence.

Avoid fragmented and redundant mobile projects, save time and effort, mitigate risk, and achieve greater consistency throughout the enterprise.

A Mobile Center of Excellence is more than just the standardization of processes and tools—it’s a centralized body that ensures all mobile initiatives are in-keeping with the business’s larger objectives. Not an “ivory tower” but a hard-working team coordinating efforts to bring about change.

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Whitepaper: Enterprise Mobile App Development Best Practices

This white paper will discuss best practices around establishing the charter, scope, reach and structure of your organization’s MCOE. This includes the development of standards and governance to enable a framework for organizing, managing and championing your mobile solutions.

The intent of this white paper is to help you:

  • Understand how an MCOE ensures consistency, control, coordination and communication on all mobile projects across LOBs and IT.
  • Familiarize yourself with the materials needed to support your MCOE, including project timeline, tactical roadmap, and launch plan.
  • Determine the ideal org structure for your MCOE and illustrate how our Kickstart arms you with a robust plan for building a world-class MCOE.