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Shut off the Internet! with Jim Forrest, Creative Innovation Dir @Intrepid—an Accenture Studio

Steven Brykman | November 28, 2018 | Device Squad


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In today’s Device Squad, the podcast for the mobile enterprise from Propelics, Steve talks with Jim Forrest, Creative Innovation Director at Intrepid – an Accenture studio.

A super-talented designer/musician, and all-around brilliant human, Jim recently moved his family from Somerville, MA to Copenhagen, Denmark to pursue a career with Accenture—and quickly discovered a better way of life. He also has this crazy-genius idea about shutting off the internet. Find out why he feels this way, and why life is so much better in Denmark.

This episode also discusses:

  • Finding design inspiration
  • Developing a family manifesto for healthier internet habits
  • Creating social change for healthier device usage through education (and how Apple can help)
  • The benefits of a notification manager and granular, app-specific control
  • The kid’s iPhone Apple needs to build

Links in the episode:


Steven Brykman

Steven is a Digital Strategist and UX Architect with Propelics, an Anexinet company, focusing on Mobile Products with a diverse background in writing and literature. He spent much of the last decade as Creative Technologist/Lead Strategist of his own design company, helping Fortune 500 companies define the direction of their digital campaigns, websites and mobile applications. Additionally, he co-founded Apperian, a Boston-based mobile technology startup.

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